How To Compile Your own 3.3.5a Arcemu Repack ^^

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How To Compile Your own 3.3.5a Arcemu Repack ^^ Empty How To Compile Your own 3.3.5a Arcemu Repack ^^

Post  Nitro on Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:22 pm

Configure MySQL
When you are installing MySQL you will be asked if you want to configure the server now, choose yes. Now a new window called "MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard" open. You will get two options Detailed ConfigurationStandar Configuration I suggest you choose standar.

Now we will get 3 options, you should know yourself what option that fits your server the best if you are unsure select server machine. Next you will get 3 more options choose multifunctional database.
The next option you could just skip. Once more you will get 3 more
options, this is not so important so if you are unsure what that suites
you best choose the first option. The next option will let us configure
the port mysql is gonna run on. Default is 3306 DO NOT EDIT THIS UNLESS
YOU ARE AN ADVANCED USER! Comming up we will be able to choose the
character set in the database here as the other options if you are
unsure choose the first. Tip: if you want all the characters use the last option then utf8.(Only for detailed)

Now we are gonna choose the service name, default is MySQL. This option is critical, as this needs to be correct if not your server won't start. If you are unsure what to use here select MySQL501. Below that setting you will be asked for "Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH" check this and click next.

This option is the security part,
this will be your MySQL password I suggest you set this to something
that's hard to guess, in this guide I will only call it sqlpw.
Remember to also check the "Enable root access from remote machines" if
you want to connect to mysql from other desktops or you have an
dedicated sql server. Next step is the finishing one click execute and
wait for the wizard to complete if everything is right you will get
something like this:

How To Compile Your own 3.3.5a Arcemu Repack ^^ 2w7pwde

The mostly known error is that it couldnt start the service, if you get
this go back the try change the service name to something else.

Obtaining the core:
For completing this step you need Tortoise or other svn clients to be installed. Remember to restart your computerand the server after installing it. I will not go further in on how you
do it, because it's mostly following the wizard and click next.

Now let's make a folder on your desktop named SVN Checkout, place it
wherever you want.. Right click on the folder and choose SVN Checkout.

How To Compile Your own 3.3.5a Arcemu Repack ^^ 256v2q1

Change the "URL of repository" to and
make sure the revision is set to head to get the latest version. Click
OK to download the files, now this would take a while so be patient!

When this is done navigate to your SVN Checkout folder » win and open the file arcemuVC90.sln if you are asked about wich application
you will open it in choose Visual Express C++. Let's configure the
build options, in c++ select Build » Configuration Manager and change
the Active Solution configuration to Release and click OK as shown on
the picture:

How To Compile Your own 3.3.5a Arcemu Repack ^^ 2qnb0ua

Now we are ready to build the solution go Build » Build solution or push f7.
C++ will start working and after a while you will get this message:

[color=yellow]========== Build: 6 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========[/color]

Make sure there isnt any errors when building, don't think off the
warnings since they are not important. If you got any errors you did
something wrong. Read the guide once more and double check the changes!


I will only take you trough the basics / needed configs. First of all we
need to get the config files, go to your SVN Checkout folder then move
the configs folder to bin » Release as this is the folder where the
project is builded.


Let's start off configuring the logon server open arcemu-logonserver.conf. Find these lines:

[color=yellow]              Username = "user"
              Password = "pass"
              Name    = "dbname"
              Port    = "3306"
              Type    = "1">[/color]

Hostname is the ip of the mysql server if the mysql server is located
on the same desktop as your core this would be localhost. If you
have followed this guide the Username will be root, following up with
the password you sat before in this guide when innstalling mysql this
would be sqlpw or whatever you choosed. Now we are going to
decide the dbname, this is the database for your accounts! I choose
to set this to arcemu_logon. Port is no needed to change if you
not are an advanced user, default is 3306.


This will configure how often the server will refresh the accounts.
Personaly this is set to 150 on my server because then the users
dont have to wait too long before their account works.

[color=yellow]        MaxBuild = "9551">[/color]

MinBuild is the minimum build the client is required to have installed
to connect to the server and MaxBuild is the max revision.

[color=yellow]            AllowedIPs = ""
            AllowedModIPs = "">[/color]

This will configure the permissions on what server that's allowed to
connect to the logon server, I assume you have the world and the logon server
placed on the same desktop so the only thing you have to change is change_me_logon
this is the password for the logonserver. Not so important but it gotta match the one in
the world config so let's call it
logonpw or whatever you want.


Now we need to configure our realm options, to do this we start with open the config file
called arcemu-realms.conf.


    Port = "8093"
    Name = "Default Logon"

First we need to configure the logon server not any needed changes but I recommend you change
the Name if you want multiple realms.


    Address = ""
    Icon = "PVP"
    Population = "1.0"

Realm1 Name is the name of your realm, change this to what you want the realm to be called. The only needed change here is
the Address if the server is going public you need to change this to your extern ip, hamachi
ip or whatever.

Well let's finish it with the biggest configuration file of them all, open arcemu-world.conf
and find:


This is the database details for your world and character database.
The hostname by default will be localhost unless if you have an dedicated mysql.
The username will be root and the password you defined several times earlier in the guide
this will be sqlpw or whatever you called it. Now the name for the WorldDatabase will be
arcemu_world or change it to what you want and the CharacterDatabase will be arcemu_char
you could customize this as you want. Still the port is 3306 if nothing else is defined.

            RemotePassword = "change_me_world">

Change the RemotePassword to logonpw or what you defined in the arcmeu-logonserver.conf.


This would define if the server is gonna load the LUA scripts in the /scripts folder or not.
1 = Yes, and 0 = No.

This file let's you configure so much more, but it's not needed to get your server up so change
it as you want. Remember to be careful when doing this and don't make any big changes the
server may not start if you did something wrong!

Inserting the data
It's several options on how to do this the best way is to do this with cmd (command prompt).
First of all we start off downloading a world database I recommend NCDB, download here.
Now that's download extract it to where you want, I will show you how to do this with navicat
as that's the easiest way. Open Navicat and click "Connections" and fill in the information
as you probably should know by now. Open the connection and create a database called
arcemu_world or what you defined in the configs. Right click on it and choose
Execute Batch file, browse and find your NCDB extracted file then push execute.

Now create a database for the accounts call this arcemu_logon or what you called in your configs
, do it as the same way as you did on the world just change the file to SVN Checkout folder
» sql » 1913_logon_structure.sql. Almost the same on the characters create an database
called arcemu_char or what you defined in the configs and execute the file

Well now that's done we need to update all the database navigate to SVN Checkout folder
» sql » utilities and run the ArcEmu DB Updater.bat. Fill out the info required as you
should know by now. When it's done choose the option for innstalling all the updates!

That's a rough explenation as I'm getting pretty tierd of writing at this point,
if you need any more help on how to do this checkout my video guide in the bottom of the thread.

Additional DLL files
If you are having issues running arcemu-world.exe or arcemu-logon.exe,
then you may need to copy the following files into your Ascent directory
("C:\Arcemu") from /trunk/bin/release, (collision from /trunk/src/collision/)

* libmySQL.dll
* libea32.dll
* collision.dll

After having done so, you should be able to run the .exes sucessfuly.
(The locations of the files are garunteed to atleast be in /trunk/
or one of its branching folders.)

How to compile the DBC and map files (from the wiki):
Required Programs

Ad.exe - Filebeam - Free Fast File Hosting (Password is 'ascent', without quotes)
MPQE - Filebeam - Free Fast File Hosting (Password is 'ascent',
without quotes) AUniversal - Revision 3: /

You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed for MPQE to run,
.NET Framework 3.0 is available for download here.
DBC Files

NOTE: (This tutorial is made under a "enUS" client. If you have another client
(like esES, enGB, frFR), change the "enUS" to your client's language)

NOTE: If you use the version from SVN, it includes a batch file that allows you to select
your client locale at runtime.

* Create a directory for your .dbc files in the ArcEmu server directory.
* Extract the MPQE archive into your World of Warcraft data directory
("C:\World of Warcraft\data\enUS"). Then copy the 3 files (MPQE.exe,
MPQE.vshost.exe and SFmpq.dll) in the ..\Data\enUS\MPQE directory to the ..\data\enUS directory.
* Open notepad and type in the following:

mpqe /p locale-enUS.MPQ DBFilesClient\*.dbc

* Save it as ("dbc.bat") in the WoW data directory ("C:\World of Warcraft\data\enUS")
* mpqe will now extract the dbc files to a new directory in your client's data\lang
directory called ...\enUS\MPQOUT\DBFilesClient.
("C:\World of Warcraft\data\enUS\MPQOUT\DBFilesClient")
o You should see it reference two or three files: "patch-enUS.MPQ",
and "locale-enUS.MPQ" and most likely "patch-enUS-2.MPQ".
* When mpqe has completed, copy the content all of the .dbc files from the output
directory listed in the previous step to your server's DBC directory ("C:\arcemu\DBC").
You should have 178 .dbc files, total filesize roughly 45 MB (183 files, ~43 MB after
updating WoW to v2.4).
* If you run Linux you should place the DBC folder in the bin folder. Make sure that
the directory name is uppercase; do not change the case of extracted files.
* You may now delete the client output directory ("C:\World of Warcraft\data\MPQOUT")
if you wish.

Map Files

* Place ad.exe into the client's root directory. ("C:\World of Warcraft")
* Create a subdirectory called 'maps'. ("C:\World of Warcraft\maps")
* Launch ad.exe. This will begin the extraction of map files. (This can take a long time
depending on your system, typically around 30 to 60 minutes.)
* When ad.exe has finished, move the folder "C:\World of Warcraft\maps" and paste it in your
Ascent server directory ("C:\Arcemu"). So you should now have a "C:\Arcemu\maps" directory
containing numerous .bin files.
* If you run Linux, the maps folder should be placed in the bin folder. Make sure that the
directory name is lowercase.

Now that's done you need to copy or move all the files in bin » release folder to
another folder (whatever). Now you got your own server run arcemu-world and arcemu-logon.exe
if you get any errors doing this leave and reply.

Also feel free to correct me if I forgot something, or did anything wrong.
But please don't flame this it's an hell of an work to write this entire guide,
so I think you guys should be happy.

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