How to make a teleporter for ArcEmu?

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How to make a teleporter for ArcEmu? Empty How to make a teleporter for ArcEmu?

Post  Nitro on Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:17 pm

Heya Guys Very Happy

many people out there maybe thinks like how do i make a custom npc teleporter for my private server :/

i am getting the right solution, Just read & follow the guide so you should complete it Smile

1. Go To WoW-V Click Here!
2. click on create.

3. Then in the list as should pop up , choose Mob / npc

4. Now it's time for creating!

Name : ( make one by your self )

Subname : ( it's the name under the " headline " )


Fritzo Teleporter

Just a example there Wink

Now choose a rank , i always choose ELITE there Wink

And now you see " ENTRY ID " ?

How to get that?

Go to:

WoW Head

& Search for a nice VENDOR / MOB / World boss / or whatever you choose,

When you have pick one of those examples, then check at your adressbar, then it should be like this: <-------- Then copy this last numbers!

Now back to Smile

Now at " Display ID - Finder tool " the big blue button, Click there.

Then you getting a window like:



Then you just put in the number you " copied " & put it in at " MOB Entry ID "

So you are getting like this with my example:


Alzzin the Wildshaper

Now choose " The display ID numbers as you seen there " for me its : 14416

Okay, now take the deisplay numbers ( 14416 ) & go to :

Display IDs

& put in your numbers there in box " A " the display number ( 14416 ).

k , now back to Entry ID

Just put in free number in entry ID , Remember MAX 5 numbers , & Take 5 hard numbers example 99999 Wink

Now you check in the other lists there ( MOB/NPC Stats ) example

& fill in what you want there and so.

The last thing you should do is go to :


Choose:Inkeeper " Yes / No ? " Choose Yess There & No On the other's in the list.

Now click on SUBMIT

now you see a picture with stats and so

First of all before this pic , you see like a line as this:

use entryID: ( Any Numbers Here )

That number you need to save, because that number you need to spawn your npc.

Anyway, & at right side, you have a list on different cores.

Example if i am running a Arcemu core, then i choose ofc Arcemu there.

& when you have download it,

Just open it with heidisql program & click on F9 Nothing else.

Getting error?

most error is like " your entry code " is already in use :p

So Change the numbers as you seen all the way up :p

Change it to something else & retry Smile

Now back to the teleporter!

Search on the net for a teleporter script ( or you click on my link to download mine Razz )

or search at net on example : Mmotop Private Server Webbsite

MY LINK : My LUA Script To Teleporter


Johved's Repack Site


Ac Web

Hehe Smile

Now back to work when you have found a script ^^ ( .lua script it should be for arcemu ) Smile

When you have download a script , or maked it by your own, then go into your repack folder ,

somewere there it should be a folder called : SCRIPT or SCRIPTS , copy the notepad with Teleporter script & paste it in there,

Now open the script in the folder

Now scroll ALL the way down if your inside a " notepad " with the lua script,

scroll all the way down to:

RegisterUnitGossipEvent(600001, 1, "On_Gossip")
RegisterUnitGossipEvent(600001, 2, "Gossip_Submenus")

& you see the 600001 numbers? Change that to your npc ENTRY ID as you make previous in!


Now, Restart your server & Login, & Choose your ENTRY ID To spawn , for arcemu:

.npc spawn 600001 <--- Example :p

Hehe. Hope this tuturial helped you out of some problems maybe (:

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