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Post  EndloreGamer on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:57 pm

- Here is a listing of suggested add-ons to make your game time more enjoyable -

1: Recount - Keeps track of the damage/healing you do during combat. On raids this will help you keep track of who is doing the most damage/healing.

Link to Download:

2: D.B.M (Deadly Boss Mods) - Deadly Boss Mods is an add-on that gives you pop ups that tell you what is going on during a boss encounter in a raid. It notifies you of avoidable damage with pop ups that show up on your screen and tell you what to do. Like for example , you step into green slime on the ground D.B.M will let you know to move.

Link to Download:

3: Gatherer - This is an add-on the keeps track of node locations on your map (ores , herbs , e.c.t..).

Link to Download:

4: Atlas Loot - If you are like me and want to know what is going to drop in which instances in-game then this is the add-on for you ! Atlas Loot is a dictionary of loot listings that lets you find which loot drops where and tells you what mode of that instance to get it in.

Link to Download:

5: Bad-Boy Anti-spam - This is an add-on that automatically screens and reports player who use words that are under it's reporting list. You can set-up and configure the list by typing /badboy ingame.

Link to Download:

6: W.I.M - W.I.M also known as Wow Instant Messenger is an optional chat system that you can use for whispers and other chat lines. What it does is gives the chat windows a more instant messenger feel to it. Also it keeps history and logs of anything said.

Link to Download:

I also suggest you use the curse client which is an add-on manager that notifies you whenever an update is available for your add-on which you have selected to use with your game.

Hope that you find these add-ons as useful as I do.
Good Luck to you and I hope you enjoy the endless possibilities of Deranged Wow !


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