How to add Items To Vendors [ For Noobies ]

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How to add Items To Vendors [ For Noobies ]

Post  Nitro on Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:43 am

Hello Forum , i am going to show Noobies How to add items to Vendors.

Easy Steps:

1. First Download Navicat :
2. Make an item and a vendor at - u should register there
3. When u finished ur item , download it - batch it in ur database -
4. Open navicat and make a connection
5. Then go ur ArcEmu or Ascent - what ever is called - Database and look for VENDORS
6. Open it and make a new row
7. First thing u should fill in the entry ID from ur VENDOR
- 2. Fill in the ITEM id
- 3. Fill in 1
- 4. Fill in 1
8. Ready !
Restart ur server and Add the vendor ! Having Fun !
I Hope This Method Worked?

If Not?

Try Just Do This:

Search Around The Net, example on wowhead , or thottbot.

if ur core on server is 3.3.5a as i suggest you have ( Then ur DB has mostly every item )

so if u have 3.3.5a , then search on witch item u want too at thottbot or wowhead :p

When you have pic one,

Check at your internet adress

it says example:

(Link for shadowmourne)

Then copy : <----- Numbers ( 49623 )

& Start your server, sign in.

& Go to an vendor as you want to have this item,


.npc vendoradditem 49623 1

The number " 1 " in the end ( is how many u want to add to vendor ) change to " 2 or 5 " if u want 2 or 5 shadowmourne xD

Up to ya!

Hope Tutorial 1, or Tutorial 2 Helped You Out.



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