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Post  suvont on Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:36 pm

I would like you to take some time to read my application, Thank you!

Name: Christian

Age: 16

Country: England

Scripting and Programming Languages I Know
Lua, SQL and Very Basic C++ (I am willing to learn)

I can also help with forum and website development and In-game building.

Experience as a Developer
Yes, I have been a Dev for about a year now and I really enjoy it. I usually just help small servers set up and ready to go but Now I think I am ready to help bigger projects.

Why should you hire me?
I am a very deidcated and friendly person who loves to help people out in any way I can. I believe that I can create a big impact on your server to help make it the best it possibly can. (Obv not just me, its a team effort Smile )

Experience with Mangos/Arc/Trinity
I have a lot of experience with all three of those cores.

Do I know the commands that Mangos/Arc/Trinity supplies?
I know every command for each of the cores.

What can I bring to your server?
Lots of work and dedication towards helping and making it bigger and better.

What is my availability?
Due to school I cannot be on so much in the weekdays but at the weekends alot more.

Contact information:
Hit me up on msn -

Brief description of myself:
I am a 16 year old male who loves computing and everything about computer. I started playing wow a few years ago and got bored of retail (Even though I still play it) I then got interested in WoW Private servers and decided to learn the basic programming languages and get familiar with most the cores.
I love sport and love to socialise with my friends Smile

[A player gives you some attitude, it’s nothing spectacular – but attitude none the less, how do you react?]:
If it is not serious and he is throwing a few insults at you then I would tell him to calm down. If the problem persists and he still give you lip, then I would give him a warning, if he still rants on I would report him to a Higher member of staff to sort gim out.

[A player has seriously insulted you, how do you react?]:
Do NOT react back but, calmly ignore what he has said and carry on with what I was doing. If he continues then I would give him a warning. If he still continues then I shall report him to a higher member of staff.

[A player has seriously insulted another member of staff, what do you do?]:
If the other member of staff does not know about this then I shall tell him about it and He shall deal with it himself. But if he does then I shall Punish the player accordingly.

[You have discovered a player who is either abusing a specifically annoying bug granting himself/herself significant advantages over other players, how do you confront that player and what do you say?]:
I would give this player a warning about using the bug and tell him to stop, if he continues then I will use action against him. -Kick/Ban

[A player, or group of players, are constantly pestering you for an item, spell or modification in some form to their character(s). What do you say?]:
I would tell them, I will not give any play any advantage over other players, Stop asking me as the answer will be a Plain NO.

[As a GM, around players at the shops (For example) – can you think of two commands you should have active at all times?]:
.gm on - To show people that you are a GM and can go to you for questions/Queries.

[Hack, cheat, moderation or character configuration tools are strictly not acceptable on this server. Strictly – not – acceptable. You have detected, caught or been alerted of a player using these types of tools – what do you do?]:
Report them to a High member of staff or just simply Ban them.

[Checking the /who list regularly is the most effective way of catching a Hack Tool user. 100 players are online, you see 1 player on his/her own in a zone – what do you do?]:
I would put .invisible ( on and go and inspect what he/she is doing.

[Finally; All Commands executed in-game are time stamped, shown by account, character and I.P Address that they were executed from. You have accidentally activated the Fly cheat on another player, not realising when you typed the command, you had that player targeted. What do you do?]:
I will check back in the logs to when, what time and I will find that player and sort out the mistake immediately.

Thanks for reading. Any more questions then please PM or contact me on msn!


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