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Post  Arsalan on Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:13 am

All staff members will follow the system examplified below when referring to ingame rulebreaking...

Level 6: Permanent global ban
Level 5: Permanent account ban
Level 4: Account ban for x duration
Level 3: Character ban for x duration
Level 2: Kicked from the server
Level 1: Verbal warning

General conduct...

Disrespecting or harrassing your fellow players, this is a game, everyone plays here to have fun and relax, so please try to make Deranged WoW a fun experience for all members of our Community (1)

Cheating to gain an unfair advantage by using third party programs, exploiting client or game mechanics or exploiting database or other bugs is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. (6)

Threatening Deranged WoW, it's community, staff or systems is a bannable offense. We do not take this lightly. (6)

Making remarks about our staff members will not be tolerated. If you do not like the way a GM is doing his or her job, report it on the forums. Do not engage in an argument with them. You will be removed. (4)

Donors help keep Deranged WoW and its servers operational, and as such our staff are highly appreciative of all our donators' kind actions. Verbal harassment/flaming of these people is inappropriate, whether it be the forums or in-game. We will not tolerate this as these people deserve respect as they are the reason there is a Deranged-WoW. (3)

Deranged WoW game accounts, and any items owned by players on WoW - Deranged servers may not be traded, swapped, shared, exchanged or sold for any reason. (6)

In-game chat and server behaviour...

Using swear words or other inappropriate language, remember we have young players on here too. (1)

Discriminatory slurs, meaning racist, homophobic, sexist, etc, are strictly forbidden. (4)

Spamming. (2)

Changing the color or your text so that it appears different to other players (this includes linkable tags) (3)

Attempting to impersonate staff, fake the <GM> tag or any activities we believe are trying to impersonate or affiliate themselves to Deranged WoW in any way (5)

Asking/demanding/bugging for help or support from GMs in LFG is NOT allowed (use the ticket system or ask in the ventrilo support channel). (2)

Using any language other than English (Make your own channel for your language) (1)

Talking about or sharing any type of cheat or exploit. (6)

General inappropriate religious, racial, nonsense, inappropriate humor, spam or garbage conversations which the entire server does not have interest in and should not need to hear. (1)

Advertising or linking to any other game, website, community or private server. (6)

Donation Fraud or Chargeback (6)


Exploiting bugs or cheating of any kind to gain an unfair advantage in the game. (2-5, depending on offense)

Using third-party programs that give you an unreasonable advantage over other players (6)

Learning or Using any spells which are not intended for your class (mage using priest spells, for example). (5)

Equipping items in slots where they are not supposed to be equipped (5)

Using any quest or special items in ways they are not intended (e.g. using quest items against players) (5)

Exploiting to get more than 71 talent points (5 - Your other characters will be checked. (6)

Trying to get into places in which you don't belong (e.g. GM Island) or cannot get to via legitimate ways. (6)

Using any Spell or Skill while Mounted that is Not intended to be used While mounted in order to give yourself an unfair advantage. (1)

Riding flying mounts outside of the Outlands. (1)

Mutliboxing. I.e. using a third party program to run more than 1 character at the same time. If you press 1 button and more than 1 character reacts to that single button being pressed, you are breaking this rule. You must directly control each character you use. DUAL BOXING IS PERMITTED, AND NOT PUNISHABLE. (1, then 6)

Using any non-Blizzard item that is not listed on the Donations page. (5)

Attacking same faction or friendly NPCs (3)

Abusing a spell effect to reach areas normally not accessible. (1)


When you are participating in an event, please listen to the rules and instructions provided to you by the host GM. Failure to follow and adhere to these instructions will result in you being removed from the event, or punished by a level 1 punishment. (1)

Leaving the arena or battleground starting areas prior to the match starting. (4)

Stealthing in fights in order to attempt to wait out your opponent. (2)
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