How to make a submittable GM Ticket

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How to make a submittable GM Ticket  Empty How to make a submittable GM Ticket

Post  EndloreGamer on Wed Jan 19, 2011 3:35 pm

You must follow this format whenever submitting a GM Ticket

Game Masters are always busy assisting players and answering their tickets. By providing the most information and details as possible you make it easier for us to serve you and address the issue in a timely manner.

When writing a GM ticket please use the following format.

1: State the issue you are having in details. ( Meaning please use at least 3 sentences to describe the issue. Just a few words means we have to spend time asking you a lot of questions that wouldn't have to be asked to begin with if we are given all the information you know. )

2: Notify us when this issue occurred. ( Please try to have an precise time if you must estimate let it be with-in a 20 minute time frame. )

3: Describe the zone this issue occurred in. ( Do not just state the general area. Give us the exact location if you have an add-on that gives map coordinates please give us the coordinates where the issue occurred. This saves us time and gives it back to you the players who need it. )

4: Let us know the players involved. ( Meaning your in-game name and any other player's in-game name who was involved )

Example Ticket:

Hello , I am currently raiding Ice Crown Citadel and the raid leader of our group took the item Death Bringer's Will off of Saurfang and dropped group. He did not say anything before leaving the group and his friend was in the same guild and dropped group 1 minute later. The loot rules are set to MS>OS and the raid leader had stated that 30 minutes ago before the raid started. The raid leader's name is Ninja , he is current located in Orgrimmar in the Valley of Honor. The guild he is in is called <Take Your Loot>. My name is Mc.Magic the other players in the ten man raid are Goofy , Tufoto , Bluedude , Lizzard , Healmenot , Luthor , and SamuelJackson. Please help us out. Thank You.

By being as descriptive as possible you can have the issue be resolved in the fastest manner possible. Furthermore , by following this format you help make wait times shorter and the game run more smooth overall.

Message to our great players.


Game Master

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How to make a submittable GM Ticket  Empty reply! :D

Post  Nitro on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:12 pm

Yeah, i agree with DevS , it was really nice tutorial.

So i am hope that our players in our forum are looking at this tutorials. Smile

Nice work EndloreGamer!

How to make a submittable GM Ticket  Imagesss
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