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[Tutorial] Mirror Text! Empty [Tutorial] Mirror Text!

Post  Nitro on Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:30 pm

First: Start with any size canvas, I use 350x150 for signatures.

Second: Add a Text, any size will do, as long as you leave at least half
the size of your text under it. I also recommend using a more basic
font, as those more "Classy" font's don't have near the final appearance
turnout as the basic ones.

(For the best effect, use lighter colored letters.)

[Tutorial] Mirror Text! Nwbwb7

Third: Duplicate the font you've added. Then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Then slide the duplicated layer up to meet up with the bottom of your first layer.


[Tutorial] Mirror Text! 2qv6q2w

Fourth: With the Second layer selected go to the Rectangular Marquee
Tool and select the bottom half of the second layer. Then right click
and click Feather, any number will do for the feathering, but for the
best font effect I use 15. Then take a soft eraser , I'm going to use 35
px with 0% Hardness


[Tutorial] Mirror Text! 2uqdtoh

[Tutorial] Mirror Text! Wa1wl4

Enjoy, hopefully you followed it right and everything turned out right.

[Tutorial] Mirror Text! Imagesss
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