Basic Grunge Tutorial [Photoshop]

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Basic Grunge Tutorial [Photoshop]

Post  Nitro on Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:18 pm

Basic Grunge Tutorial

Open a new document, I'm going to use the following settings:

Then paint the background black.

2. Blending Options > Gradient Overlay. Then create a new layer and set it to screen. Paint the background
black and then Blending Options > Gradient Overlay, but in the
Gradient Overlay menu use the following settings on this layer:

You should now have something like this:

3. Now it will get a bit more difficult. We're going to grab some Grunge Brushes, any will work.

For your convenience here's a link to some:
Grunge Brushes

in this tutorial I'm going to use the Grunge Notion Brushes.

Now with Black as your foreground color begin brushing in different
places, on a new layer of course but don't over do it, it will look
better in the end.

You should have something like this:

Next take a White brush and on a new layer brush a few places, set this layer to Soft Light.

4. Time to set your render. I'm going to use this render from Assassins Creed:

Go to Image > Image Size -- Set the height to 150.

5. Duplicate your render 3 times, and lightly smudge them, set the 3rd Duplicate to Overlay.

Then take a White Grunge brush and softly brush over your render, set the Opacity to your likings.

OPTIONAL: Under your render, placing a C4D could add a nice effect, but it's up to you (: In this tutorial I'm going to use one.

By now, if you've followed this correctly, you should have something along the lines of this:

6. Next we're going to add a nice border. Go to Select > All. Then Modify > Border, use 2px for the best look. Now take the bucket or a brush with black as your foreground and color in the selected area.

7. Let's add a nice text, shall we? Let's not make it stand out too much, it will take the focal point off the signature.
So after placing your text (Hopefully small and of the same color
scheme) set the opacity to a lower number, so it dosen't show as much.


You should get something along the lines of:

Done of this Tutorial, Thanks for reading this.


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