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Post  EndloreGamer on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:40 pm

Main name in-game: Don't have one but have played wow from creation of the game
Where are u located: Seattle Wa
What time zone : PST 8:00
Time played retail: 6 years
Time played deranged wow: none but ran my own server for a while
Time avail: Whenever needed 24/5
Ever been banned: no
How much time spent in-game: 6 years retail 2 years private
About me: I am a perfectionist and wont stop till everyone is satisfied with my work. There is a time to chill and a time to be focused on the task at hand. My life is a balancing act but I do it well ^_^
Why you are classified as epic and meet the requirements for HGM: Because I know this game like the back of my hand and love arcemu ( Don't get any ideas ) xD
What makes you worth while to us?: I am online forever and only sleep like 4-6 hrs every 2 days. And I enjoy communicating and creating !
We need non-failing spelling: Okay, np. Very Happy ( I am very picky in my spelling )
Suggestion: Emerald Dream PVP zone
Best think a GM can do: Be as helpful , direct/straight-forward , and knowledgeable as possible.
If fired what would your reaction be: Did something wrong , just need to learn from the mistake and move on not repeating it ever again.
Solution to speed hacking: I would teleport to the speed hacker while in GM mode/invisible to all players and proceed to follow him to see if what is being said is true if so I would cast a ice-block on him or use the command for freeze and notify him of the issue and carry out whatever sanction is required for what the player has done.
What do you know in DB?: Navicat lite and premium. ( idk errors unless I come across them then I research what it is and locate the source of the issue and address it in whatever means possible )
What commands do you have knowledge of?: Trinity core



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Endlore's HGM app  Empty Reply about this application.

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