Cant Get In-Game

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Cant Get In-Game

Post  fallon on Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:58 pm

Well I cant get in game adn can be for (Connection guide says:)
Step 1.

Go into your wow folder, (MUST have 3.3.5a)patch. (open wow, check at left corner, and look if it says:3.3.5(12340) then u have it.


Back To Wow Folder.

Go into your &

Paste in:

set realmlist

Step 3.

Now, Go to:

"" on this currently page.

click there, u get ported to our " registration page " .

Now fill in ur email, & pw & your username.

Step 4.

Now You Should Be Done.

Wait 5 Minutes Or More, After Your Creation.


What Register Page??? what Link????


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Cant Get In-Game - Reply

Post  Nitro on Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:53 pm

Hello i am owner of Deranged WoW.

Because you can't login to our server, is because it's off.

We are currently working on everything, we re-start, back from Step 1.

So be patient, it will came up later on when everything is done :p

it won't be any problems to login later when it's up.

You are player? Then it's could be just that part.

We are not search any players for now.

We are currently setting up our Webbsite , We are working to get our GREAT Staff ( <--- Will take a while ) Because we are going to have 3 realms, then you need alot of GM's Online at sametime on each realm.

So be patient, it will came up later on.

So be patient mate.

Thanks for understanding.


Owner Of Deranged WoW

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