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Post  fallon on Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:20 pm

1. What is your main character's in-game name? (does not hav any) but fallon

2. Where in the world are you located? Sweden,Stralsnas(strälsnäs)

3. What time zone are you located in? [GMT]+1

4. What is your age? 11

5. Have you played Retail and if so, for how long? 1 year

6. How long have you played on Deranged-WoW? Never (I Would Start Alot on this Server When i Login to server)

7. What times can you be online? How many hour's on average do you play per day? (Be specific: Days/Times etc)
im free most on weekends 7-10 hours

Other days 4-5 hours

8. Have you ever been banned for any reason? If so, why? Give the name of the person who banned you.
On Retail Banned for Speedhacking (Stopped Speedhaking after i Got unbanned)

9. How much time each day do you spend on the forums and/or in-game?
Well Finded Forum By Skype (Simonfrisk sended me)

10. What is your Ventrilo Username?

11. Have you had previous experience as a Game Master? If so, how long and what server?
I have been Admin on LucidWow 1 month and Admin on another Arcemu server for 1 month

12. Tell us a little about yourself.
Im a person who likes to Play Computer and help other people

13. Explain why you think you would be an excellent Deranged-WoW GM.
I Can get people to join This server (by my website) And Help other Players and Get Players to Like it

14. What interests you most about the GM position?
Helping Other And Made The Server

15. What positive additions could you (or do you already) make to the server/Community?
Im Telling other To Join the server im playing and Get Them Donate (if needed)

16. We require all GM's to act professional at all times, this includes proper spelling and grammar. If this would be a problem for you, please explain why?
I dont Think it would be a Problem for me

17. If you were going to submit a suggestion for us, what would it be?
Well I dont know When i login to server i will know

18. What do you think is the most important thing a GM can do ?
Speak English Can Commands and help other

19. If you were fired, what would your reaction be?
Little Angry And just trying to figure out Why

20. The following is a situation that may arise while on our staff. What would your reaction be?
Well I Would just app him and look if he really do and Ban him (i would be Angry on the speedhacker)

"GM! This guy is speed hacking! Ban him plx!"

21. The following is another situation that may arise while on our staff. What would your reaction be.

(You notice a fellow GM abusing their powers. What do you do?) Contact Owner And Tell him That (or someone who can Edit Ranks)
22. If you are accepted, what would be the very first thing you would do once set up with your powers?
That they Told me

23. You Know Anything About : Mysql Or Database / Heidisql Or Navicat Errors? , If Yess? What Kind Of Error ?
Not Errors I never Got That

24. You Know Anything About Mangos / Trinity Commands? , Server Core : Mangos, So You Should Know, If Yess? Write Down 5 Examples.

.pinfo .go name .name go .Npc add .Gob add .go sp .ban .banip (Or .ipban does not remember)


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Post  Nitro on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:00 pm

Heya mate, i was just reading your application.

Your Age is 11 years old ?

But anyway i will speak in my staff later on.

So hold on while we are discuss ^^

Me or Shan making a new reply later on when we had talks ^^

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Post  Shan on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:00 pm


But your welcome to play on our server, and try to apply in the future.

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