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Post  Arsalan on Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:10 am

1. Please do not resort to name calling over the forums [I.E. It's internet and quite pointless] and limit the profanity as in not to like swear every other word.

2. Do not make any unnecessary topics such as just a simple smiley. If you wanna do that please use the "Off-Topic Discussion" thread.

3. Do not flame other people's post's... You start drama or flaming war here = banned. Any bashing/flaming of other members/staff will not be tolerated whatsoever.

4. Please try to limit the size of your signature. Over sized signatures get very annoying very fast. It makes scrolling down to find a single thing under a thread almost impossible if you fully load up your signature with as much as you can.

5. Do not double post. If you lag and accidentally double post, delete it as soon as possible.

6. Do not spread rumors without proof. That's just not nice. [Refer to rule 1 also]

7. Refrain from post spamming. It doesn't prove anything that you rant for 2 pages worth of short posts. Posts that do so will be deleted.

8. Do not start new topics within posts. If you have a question, make a new topic.

9. Do not impute explicit material(such as way too violent or Adult content) or suspicious links within your posts or signatures. This will result on temporal removal of posting power. Remember that there are some underage people enjoying this server.

10. Failure to comply to these regulations will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the offense.

11. Moderators may not start insulting people in any way, shape, or form. You guys must remain calm and unbiased.
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