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How To Update Your Core! Empty How To Update Your Core!

Post  Nitro on Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:12 pm

This is quite easy, if you know how to compile the source you almost
know how to update it aswell. First of all we need to update from SVN.
Go to your arcemu folder (the one you downloaded from SVN, the open
source) right click and you will see something like this:

How To Update Your Core! Rb05zc

You will see something like this, choose the SVN Update as shown and a
window similar like the one when you downloaded will appear.

When all the files are downloaded navigate to trunk»win and open the
arcemuVC90.sln file, and rebuild solution. This will also take so time
so be patient.

Now i assume you have done that you should navigate to the release
folder if you don't remember it's trunk»bin»Release. Copy the
arcemu-world.exe and arcemu-logon.exe and paste it in your main server
directory. It will ask if you wanna overwrite existing files, then
choose YES.

That's everything you have to do, but in some updates there are SQL
update's aswell. Go to your trunk»sql folder and run the
character_updates, logon_updates and world_updates, but only the one
that's greater then your last revision.

character_updates and logon_updates should be placed in the chardb
world_updates should be placed in the worlddb

Tip: you should not download every revision, just if you see something
critical or good has been changed. Make sure you read the
changelog before you update.

Updating the revision
In most of the wow patche's they do nothing with the server core, so we
can update our server easily without downloading anything, just follow
my easy step's and you will be done in 1,2,3.

First we need to locate our logon config file, this is located in your server main folder/configs open it and find:

MaxBuild = "9551">

Min build : defines that the client need 9100 or higher
Max build : defines that the client can't have a greater build then 9551

Now only change the maxbuild to the current revision. This could easily
be found when opening your wow client, look down in the left corner and
you will see something like this: Version 3.0.9 (9551)(Release)

Version is the current patch and 9551 is the revision. When updating to
the latest build just put 9551 or whatever that stands there into

Some usefull builds:

Wotlk 3.0.8a : 9506
Wotlk 3.0.9 : 9551

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