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Post  Deadelush on Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:35 pm

1. What is your main character's in-game name?: Deadelush

2. Where in the world are you located? Denmark, Odense

3. What time zone are you located in? 1+ GMT

4. What is your age? 16 years

5. Have you played Retail and if so, for how long? i have played retail in 4 years. i got two 85's levels and one 80's level.

6. How long have you played on Deranged-WoW? First time i heard of it.

7. What times can you be online? How many hour's on average do you play per day? (Be specific: Days/Times etc)
Every day
Every hour
Every minute.

8. Have you ever been banned for any reason? If so, why? Give the name of the person who banned you. No.

9. How much time each day do you spend on the forums and/or in-game? i spend about 6-9 hours each day.

10. What is your Ventrilo Username?: i dont really use ventrilo, more like Teamspeak and Skype.

11. Have you had previous experience as a Game Master? If so, how long and what server?
Uhm. I have been gm in 2-3 years.
i have been gm in
Regalwow - Ingame Developer
Wowbeez - Ingame Developer
World Of Blaze - Game master, Developer. Event Orginazer.
SanityWoW Co-owner, Ingame Developer, Forum Moderator.
HellscreamWoW Owner.
IllusionWoW Developer. Head Game master. Forum moderator.

12. Tell us a little about yourself.
i play a instrument called guitar, and i have played it in 7 years now, But am not longer a sporty guy.. cause i got addicted to wow. ugh... Anyway i love my friends, and my mom, i know i know.. Gay is what you thinking? d: nah its just now i love my mom since i finelly realized what she have to do to raise me. my dad's gone.. left us when i got 4. he choosed wow instead of us. ironic? d: But anyway, if you choose me i wil be able to be online 6-9 hours a day.

13. Explain why you think you would be an excellent Deranged-WoW GM.
Am the guy that take things serious and will not stop before my work is done, And i always do my job done..! i give myself 120 procent to finish my task.
But am also very open for advice that may help me for my futuring GM skills.

14. What interests you most about the GM position?:
Helping. I always loved to help others. i always though? we played wow in many years and understand its true meaning. So way not give the knowledge away to others that also need it?

15. What positive additions could you (or do you already) make to the server/Community?
i'll cant tell, Cause you guys got it almost figured out with everything. so i just take it as it comes

16. We require all GM's to act professional at all times, this includes proper spelling and grammar. If this would be a problem for you, please explain why?
i got no problem with that at all.

17. If you were going to submit a suggestion for us, what would it be?

18. What do you think is the most important thing a GM can do ?
probably helping everyone that is in need of assistance. and give them are warm welcome so they feel more welcome to the server with a nice community.

19. If you were fired, what would your reaction be?
i'll move on. Getting fired is a part of the life. Only makes us wiser, so we learn about our mistakes. So we know what we should make the next time.

20. The following is a situation that may arise while on our staff. What would your reaction be?
"GM! This guy is speed hacking! Ban him plx!"

-- Could you at least tell me what the players name is and location? so i can investigate this any further, And make sure to that a screenshot.
next i would do is take invisible on, and teleport to his location to see if this is true. if i found him speed hacking i would probably Kick / ban / warn him all depends on the server rules.

21. The following is another situation that may arise while on our staff. What would your reaction be.
(You notice a fellow GM abusing their powers. What do you do?)

i would take a picture so i have evidence of he is abusing hes power. And tell him too stop, after that i would go to the higher ranks and tell em so they can deal with it.

22. If you are accepted, what would be the very first thing you would do once set up with your powers?
i would ask for my task, and ONLY use my existing powers to complete the task that i was been given.

23. You Know Anything About : Mysql Or Database / Heidisql Or Navicat Errors? , If Yess? What Kind Of Error ?
Well i know Mysql - Navicat - Heidisql - And database stuff. but i never had any problem with the " Errors "
So i dont any thing else to say.

24. You Know Anything About Mangos / Trinity Commands? , Server Core : Mangos, So You Should Know, If Yess? Write Down 5 Examples. What a Face What a Face
well i got full list of Trinity commands and titles.
but nothing on mangos and server core.

Thanks Deadelush.

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Post  Shan on Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:46 pm


When the server is back online we will set you up with an account.

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Deadelush's Gm app Empty Reply of the Apply.

Post  Nitro on Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:20 am

Sorry shan. I just kick him out.

i just found that he is apply for other servers.

So i am ban his account & sending you application link in a PM.


I Re-lock This again!

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