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Post  Shan on Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:20 pm

These are the GM rules that all of our GMs will abide by and follow. This list is not all inclusive, so make sure you know if you can do something before you do. You are responsible for your own actions and the actions of anyone who may "use" your account; be it sharing with a friend or lack of account security which may lead to your account being compromised.

1. GMs are NOT allowed to give players any gold/items/spells/skills. This does not include those unobtainable and needed for quest completion.

2. Donation items are for donors only, NOT GMs. If a GM would like donation gear, then they can donate. GMs will be warned once before deletion of their character(s) and then removal of their GM permissions.

3. Running players through raids/instances is strictly prohibited, please note: if this happens, all players in that raid will have their characters banned as they should also know it is against the rules, and the GM involved will be punished.

4. GMs must not abuse their powers or use their positions to manipulate or be over-assertive towards players. Our players are just as important as our GMs, so they will be treated professionally and with respect. They must also be under no delusion that their rights exceed those of our members.

5. All GMs must show respect to the players, as they show respect to them. When answering tickets a GM should be polite/kind and helpful, use good spelling and grammar, and try to answer each question to the best of his/her ability even when someone is not being cooperative. Doing so will get them noticed and increase their reputation and the respect they earn amongst their fellow players, eventually leading to promotion.

6. They must have their GM tag activated at all times when in-game.

7. They can only have one GM character. NO alts on the GM account whatsoever. GMs may have a non-GM account, but they may not use their GM account to grant his/her alt account any advantages or privileges that other players would not be able to receive. For example: no remote reviving when they die, no summoning to destinations, etc.

8. Do NOT question these rules, and do not question Administrators or Management decisions.

9. In the event that anyone thinks the rules are wrong, or unfair, please refer back to rule number 8.

10. As a GM, they must show discretion and remain humble. This means no boasting, showing off, acting cocky or acting differently merely because they have been entrusted with a managerial role within our community. This also means being invisible in the malls.

11. Being a GM is a big responsibility, NOT a "status" mark. A GM needs to work hard and use their position to benefit the community. It is not a "bonus", or a way to get "free powers" or "free things" - do not think this way, or they will, again, be subject to punishment.

12. GM's are to be invisible on their GM character, and do NOT talk with player's via chat or yell or trade channel or whatever. If you choose to walk around do so invisible and do not talk. If you see something bad happening then you may reveal yourself, other than that, you are to remain a shadow.

13. If you do not know how to handle a certain situation then simply contact the Head GM or even an Administrator for assistance.

Breaking these rules will not be tolerated, and as a consequence to breaking these rules
their GM account will be locked and suspended until the Head of Staff speaks to them and determines the outcome of the situation.

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