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Post  Arsalan on Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:45 am

Core : Mangos.

Little Information About The Server:

We Have 2 Malls.

Alliance Mall = Stormwind, ( Middle ) Ex : at the auctioner house.

Horde Mall = Outside Orgrimmar, ( Durotar ).

Furios Gladiator Is Free & Starter Gear.

You Will Start With Gold, & You Will Start at the malls when you create a character

Questions About Wrathful & Relentless ? & Other Stuffs?

It's Pve Geared Added Ofc. ( Waist, Boots & so ). As Starter If You Want Too.

The Wrathful Costs, Around 40-50k honor, ONLY!

The Relentless Gladiator's , Costs Around 20-25k Honor!

We Have Ofc Trainers, Gems Vendor And So.

It's An Perfect PvP private server.

Join Us Today.

"Forum-Click Here " You Will Get port to our currently Forum Page.

"Reg-Page Click Here" You Will Get Port To Our Currently ingame wow account.

Information About The Patch:

It's 3.3.5a Patch Ofc.

We Are Working On A Higher Patch, Ex:

4.0.1 - 4.0.3 , Any Of Them. We Are Working & Working.

The GM & Admin Team, Are Busy Because They Work So Hard.

So Be Patient, It Will Happens.

We Have Ofc, Our Own Ventrilo Server:

Information Are Missing *******

Updating Later ********

There You Go.

We Hope You Like The Server, & We Have Our Great-Gm Support Team.

You Guys Know Who Are GM & Who Are Not.

Just Make An Ticket, or So Ingame.

We Will Answer When We Got Time, So Be Patient.

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